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tv   BBC News at Nine  BBC News  April 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am BST

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indeed hello. hello. this is bbc news with carrie gracie. it‘s monday, it‘s 10 o‘clock, the headlines... i‘m victoria derbyshire. plans to stop tenants being unfairly evicted by private a teenage girl with autism landlords in england who was put in an isolation booth you're watching bbc news at nine are being unveiled with me carrie gracie. by the government. at her school a shocking 2a5 times ministers say the changes the headlines... would provide more protection for people who rent. has called for them to be banned. a plan to clampdown on unfair evictions — in a letter she wrote there could be a way to our programme, the government puts forward of forecasting where deadly knife the pupil tells us she tried new rules for private attacks are likely to take place to take her own life landlords in england there could be a way according to a new study while she was in the booth. of forecasting, where deadly knife teachers are warning that funding attacks are likely to take place, for children and young adults with special educational i decided i would rather die than be according to a new study. needs in england has teachers are warning that funding reached a crisis point in isolation because of the mood it for children and young adults with special educational left me in. ifelt alone needs in england has reached a crisis point. in isolation because of the mood it left me in. i felt alone and trapped at school. for such a long time i felt as though it would be best and a master again... tiger woods completes one of the greatest sporting because no one seemed to care anyway comebacks of all time coming from from behind in the final round at augusta to win his 15th major. and a master again. tiger woods completes one of the greatest sporting speaking out for the first time, comebacks of all time. coming from from behind her mum tells us exclusively in the final round at augusta to win his 15th major. ijust couldn't be more happy and more excited. i am kind of at a loss time now for the morning briefing, where we bring you up to speed on the stories people for words really.
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are watching, reading and sharing. if landlords want to get rid of their tenant at the end of a fixed—term contact they can evict them without a reason. but under new government plans, that is about to change. housing campaigners say it‘s a victory for tenants but landlords say it will make good morning and welcome renting much more difficult. james brokenshire is to the bbc news at 9. plans to stop tenants being unfairly evicted by private the housing secretary. landlords in england are being unveiled by the government. it wants to stop so—called i know that for landlords, there "no—fault" evictions, where people have to leave at short notice and without good reason. will be questions, concerns, issues but landlords warn the changes about the announcement today but what i‘m very clear on, there needs could lead to serious problems to be effective redress to ensure a in the supply of rental housing. landlord can get their property simonjones reports. back, with the rent hasn‘t been paid, someone is causing a nuisance somewhere to call home. or indeed the landlord wants to move back into their home. that‘s why we go through the detail of this very but, at the moment, tenants can be evicted without a reason clearly a nd go through the detail of this very clearly and carefully with the with as little as eight weeks‘ landlord sector and why i want to notice, when their fixed—term contracts come to an end under see speedier redress through the so—called section 21 notices. it's claimed some renters who complain about problems in their properties find themselves courts, ensuring that where something is going wrong the victims of revenge evictions. landlords are able to take action, are able to get redress and respond
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one housing charity says to the issues of concern and the issues going wrong with the tenancy. reforms are long overdue. the balance of power in private renting has been all on the side rather would they not to rent rent out their properties?” of the landlord. tenants have had almost no rights. rather would they not to rent rent out their properties? i think there‘s a real balance and how this they live in fear. we've got people who are thinking, should create fairness within the you know, if i complain about disrepair in my property, sector. for a landlord who has a next thing, slap on the doormat, section 21 notice. good tenant in place, why would they wa nt to more than 11 million people good tenant in place, why would they want to bring that to an end, where live in privately rented the rent has been paid, the rent has accommodation in england. one infourfamilies been looked after in the property with children rent. a survey suggested 75% of renters looked after. there is stability and think indefinite tenancies confidence for tenants in knowing it would improve their quality of life. can‘t be brought to an end, the the government is to launch lease, for nothing they‘ve done a consultation on whether to abolish themselves. i think that‘s what the proposals today create, dealing with section 21 evictions, effectively creating open—ended contracts. no—fault eviction, giving confidence landlords will have to provide concrete legal reasons and stability and security for for scrapping tenancies. te na nts and stability and security for tenants but equally ensuring landlords have redress, effective but if someone needs to be evicted redress when things go wrong. for falling behind with their rent so what does the labour party make or antisocial behaviour, the government says court of the new government plans? proceedings will be speeded up. john healey is the shadow the residential landlords association, though, says 90% of tenancies are ended housing secretary. by the tenant rather
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than the landlord, and most property any new help for renters is good owners don't simply hike rents news and we‘ve been pressing the or scrap contracts government bought some time to do without a good reason. simon jones, bbc news. but if landlords can still hike the rent and get rid of tenants that may, only half of the job done. what would you do to take this policy joining us now is polly, chief further? alongside deafening tenancy, what is needed is control on the coast of rent and also higher minimum standards and tougher executive of shelter. this is enforcement and it‘s that package of measures that will give people the something you celebrate. absolutely. rights and protection in the private rented market that are so badly it is quite a breakthrough and a needed. woodwork rent controls not really positive move by the put landlords of renting their government for the one in four families who are renting and are property out in the first place? all the evidence in other countries, especially in europe, where this is accepting unacceptable levels of insecurity because of section 21. a common—sense set of moves, say indefinite tenancies alongside how many people do you think will be control and rent increases works well and in places like germany you affected by this? how many will feel have a0% of people renting more secure as a result of the move? privately. it works for tenants, landlords, they can do it there, we can do it here.
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we have 11 million people currently millions of people around the world in private renting. one in four watched the extraordinary comeback of tiger woods last night — families with children. hundreds of who‘s won his first major title for 11 years at the us masters in augusta. thousands of people in older age. if he‘s received praise from some of the world‘s greatest golfers i potentially face having to move including his great rival phil mickelson — who said the day after six months and perhaps having would go down in history. other sporting legends to move repeatedly after six months, reacted to the win thatis to move repeatedly after six months, that is no way to live out your life in old age. it is not possible to — including serena williams — who said, "greatness like no other." bring up children with security they and us president donald trump sent his congratulations too — need. when you are facing that level the commentator and former of security. also when you are professional golfer, andrew murray — spoke to bbc breakfast earlier this morning — and described it as a mesmeric performance. afraid to complain about any issue i think if you were absolutely honest and you asked any with your property, next thing you know, slap on the mat, section 21 professional or golf fan, the fact notice and he will have to leave. that he won the tour championship people are putting up with last year was a bit of a sign he was unacceptable living conditions. how on his way back. incredible, absolutely incredible. it‘s engaged do you deal with legitimate concerns more people into the sport than we of landlords about these moves? could ever have imagined. it was england is one of the best places in captivating, it did everything, the world to run a business based on didn‘t itand captivating, it did everything, didn‘t it and the fact i think it
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letting properties. i really would was pure freak that we all watched not worry. there are plenty of countries in the world whether kind it, at a great time, was pure freak that we all watched it, ata great time, and was pure freak that we all watched it, at a great time, and therefore, even more, nongolfers watched it, perhaps young kids were up watching of protections which had been it. the masters would come to an end introduced and there is still a round about midnight our time but thriving mental market. i really because of the terrible thunderstorms for because they would not worry. for the minority of brought the whole thing forward to the morning which was perfect timing. they've never done that landlords, for the minority with a before, and they teed up the tent huge impact. but there's renting and the first and cut the whole thing done by 2 pm or there about with a business model relying on section 21 evictions and getting their time. it was great for viewing te na nts section 21 evictions and getting tenants out without having to repair a property, for example, perhaps we in the uk, just terrific. it‘s a do not want them in the rental market. you are talking about all story of rehabilitation and lots of the section 21 landlords, you want ways. what has made, white suddenly now or is it not even suddenly? i don‘t think it suddenly, it‘s been a process. coming back from surgery and he showed last year, he can still win and he has the nerve to them —— as are people who want win but to come back to a gust of te na nts them —— as are people who want all places and produce a performance
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tenants out. people will think they like that, was just mesmeric, all places and produce a performance like that, wasjust mesmeric, wasn‘t will not run this business because it? more on that throughout the it is not worth their time. making morning. let‘s take a look now sure that the law effectively at what you‘re reading protects landlords is something the and watching online. government has also committed to do. you do not need section 21 in order the no—fault eviction is and then two, predictions and fatal stabbing areas. number three, this one to be able to run a business ‘i was put in a school isolation effectively. section 21 is a way of getting around other legal measures booth more than 2a0 times‘ — landlords can legitimately take, if a sad story about a teenager who dry to kill herself after spending somebody, for example, is not paying months in an isolation booth at the rent or damaging the property, school. she had autism and various or is anti—social in some way. there problems. she ended up eating her lunch in her room away from friends, are other things landlords can do. what section 21 is is a no fault is no direct teaching. there is a photo there of the booth. eviction. it means for no legitimate reason you plan if it somebody. that cannot be right. there are loads of and you can hear that interview on the victoria derbyshire programme from 10. types of businesses that had an intimate and very significant impact on their daily lives of people, on
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and most watched, kind of sweet but basic human needs. all of those concerning little story about the businesses had to deal with an channel islands of sark. element of regulation where the people who depend on those businesses to live are protected. the island that needs a dairy farmer this is no different from people who and the only hitch with this is that had to deal responsibly and pepper you have to be a dairy farmer, of course, but you have to bring your people works with. as i said before own cows. and this one at two, this is one of the easiest countries in the world to a landlord. —— inside the mega airport in china, let‘s look at this, will be the careful people it works with stop world ‘s biggest airport, surpassing there is no suggestion we will see a all of london airports, six of them mass exodus from the market and there will not be enough properties for people to rent. just very put together. got between seven and nine runways. a couple for military use but the rest for commercial use. quickly make the point you are dealing with 100 million passengers a yearand dealing with 100 million passengers a year and they built that, they started in 2016 and they are going finishing. on its ns will not stop to open this september. just outside the housing crisis. the only way to beijing. very quick look at the do that is to significant amounts of
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versailles chambers in france. the social housing. —— on its own, this chambers of marie antoinette. three will not stop. to think this alone yea rs chambers of marie antoinette. three years to chambers of marie antoinette. three yea rs to restore. will not stop. to think this alone will solve the housing crisis, it is chambers of marie antoinette. three years to restore. she fled from there in 1789, obviously, as the not right. lets speak to the housing revolution was underway and she never went back again. and she was secretary, james brokenshire. are you confident you have navigated effectively between the different guillotined four years later, sorry interests ? to lower the tone. that‘s the end of the morning briefing. effectively between the different interests? by ending their no fault evictions, the instability that sport now and for a full round up, potentially creates many concerns from the bbc sport centre... that may raise for a family living in private rented accommodation, thatis in private rented accommodation, here is sally. good morning. i hope that is important. there are clear interests for landlords as well you were watching, the comeback the which is why we are committed to golfing world has been waiting for. consulting carefully on the tiger woods, an 11 year struggle, technical aspects of this around the winning the masters at augusta. i‘m fault eviction where someone is not paying the rent, is involved in anti—social behaviour may be, all where a landlord wants to move back delighted to say simon dyson is here into their home, that we get the law with me to talk about the tiger right and provide speedy redress.
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effect and the phenomenon of tiger woods. i have to ask you, how how can you prevent a landlord saying they want to move back into unexpected was his victory or not at all? i think with how he played last their home but not moving back into their home but not moving back into their home? that is a question that would need to be presented to the year, in the majors, coming so close court to say that is the reason why and winning the tour championship at the landlord needed to take the the end of the year, i think it was a lot closer than people expected. property back. it is the precise for him to finally pull it off, such an amazing achievement. this is the technical aspects of this we want to get right that sure the policy moment, starts of cool and he lets himself go. he‘s allowing us to see achieves its objectives. it is about a little bit of the emotion we don‘t ensuring you cannot end the tenancy normally see. yes. i think we've seen a little bit more over the last for no good reason. it is these year or two. he‘s letting it show a issues absolutely we will be working with different parts of the sector little bit more, the real tiger to ensure we give that assurance, woods. he was always the steely faced, nobody is getting in here, but yes, you know, people are that certainty and clarity, and the relating to him a lot more and he‘s policy does meet the objective we had set for it. it is a minefield. got a lot more fans through it. but you have given two reasons to he has lived through years of justify eviction. what about a demons. why do people who like him
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circumstance where the landlord like him so much? ijust think, the achieves the same effect by putting the rent up. what would be wrong as places he has taken the game of golf he put in place rent controls. the too, you have to respect what he‘s evidence points firmly to reducing done for the game, the game wouldn‘t be what it is today without him. and the quantity, the availability, of love him or hate him, you cannot not properties within the private rental respect that. you cannot ignore him. sector. that has been an experience in the past. it would be a mistake and we are seeing, perhaps this is a to do it now because it would put different man now, is it? a further pressure on the housing market. landlords cannot simply wrap different man now, is it? a up market. landlords cannot simply wrap up the cost of rent by achieving an different golfer but a different human. definitely, he's opened up a eviction by the back door. other bit, a bit more personable, a bit like phil mickelson, with the crowds, engaging. it‘s a different man but obviously, the same steely protections are still in place. a player that he is on the course. landlord can only increase the rent once every year. that is guarded by there are fantastic images of him protections to the tribunal. i think from 20 years ago, we‘ve seen him grew up in public. he looks different but when you look at these it is knowing that the protections out there but absolutely, we want to days, his game, it has to be see speedy redress in the sector for different, because his body is so damaged, battered. he's had so many landlords and tenants. we are
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surgeries, back, knees, he has found looking the digitisation of some processes. “— a really effective way to swing the golf club again. you don‘t see him looking the digitisation of some processes. —— at the digitisation of some processes with the ministry of going after it like he used to, he justice. we are also looking at hits the little cut down the fairway evidence as to whether we need to with the driver. how has he changed, create a housing court. how do you he‘s had to change his shape to do deal with an accusation from the national landlords association at that, how has he change?” this move makes fixed terms he‘s had to change his shape to do that, how has he change? i think looks a lot slimmer, he bulked up massively. he has the top guys working with him, they‘ve done a contracts irrelevant? i take on fantastic job working with him, they‘ve done a fantasticjob in rebuilding him. board these concerns. with a fixed simon, lovely to see you. thank you. term tenancy, they revolve on. you have a tenancy for six or 12 months liverpool remain on top of the premier league but the average rental period is after a two nil win against chelsea. sadio mane‘s 21st goal of the season around 3.9 years. the landlord gave his side the lead early in the second half to ease sector should not be concerned that the anfield nerves. somehow this will cause huge and a couple of minutes later, have a look at this strike significant issues, provided we get from mohamed salah, a goal the technical aspects of this right, of the season contender that sealed another crucial three points which i am committed to do, and that he had a positive rental market for
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forjurgen klopp‘s side. landlords and tenants. if a tenant is paying rent they are doing all earlier in the day, the things they should be doing. why manchester city briefly went top after they beat crystal palace. raheem sterling opened the scoring with the landlord not bring that to for city with this fine finish an end and bring stability and from kevin de bruyne‘s through ball. certainty for tenants and providing clarification to landlords as well? thank you forjoining us. we just he then added a second before palace got one back, but gabrieljesus eased city‘s worries with a third have some breaking news coming in goal in injury time. from the metropolitan police. a man israel folau has been sacked has been charged following an by rugby australia over a social investigation into a video posted media post last week in which he said "hell awaits" gay online which showed a cardboard people. he has a8 hours to accept his sacking, model of grenfell tower being or face a code of conduct hearing. folau has won 73 caps and was expected to play at this burned. he is aged a6, charged on year‘s world cup injapan. friday, with two counts of sending or causing to be sent grossly let‘s look at some offensive material by a public of the tweets reacting to tiger woods‘ win. tiger woods himself went communications network, and that is to twitter and tweeted contrary to the communications act thanking his family and friends and then went to say "to not only be of 2003. due to appear at able to play again, but to be able
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westminster magistrates‘ court, on to win again is something i will forever be grateful for. tuesday the 30th of april. lots more this jacket sure is comfortable". on that coming. a scotland yard murder detective believes he‘s found a way of forecasting where deadly knife serena williams tweeted "i am attacks are likely to take place. literally in tears watching there were nearly 100 knife murders tiger woods, this is greatness in the year ending march 2018, like no other...congrats a million with the problem continuing to grip times, i am so inspired" politicians and community leaders today. steph curry also tweeted saying working with criminologists "greatest come back story in sports, from the university of cambridge, let me hold one of this five detectivejohn massey looked at data jackets" and finally, boxer from those murders and found nearly manny pacquiao added two thirds of the killings happened "congratulations tiger woods, in neighbourhoods where someone had isn‘t it great being a champion in your a0s" been attacked with a knide the year before. he hopes the research will help police focus their resources to tackle the problem. let‘s have a look at some of this here‘s our home affairs morning‘s back pages and not correspondent, danny shaw. one of london‘s young surprisingly the image of one man victims of knife client. dominates both the front and back saif abdul—majid was 18 years old. pages. he was attacked near focussing on the back pages this block of flats. and the daily telegraph simply police said it followed says ‘the greatest‘. the times says ‘a walking miracle‘ — a simmering dispute reflecting woods‘s return to major winning form after four back surgeries. in the area with other teenagers. and the mirror says ‘redemption‘ two 1a—year—old boys were later as tiger rolled back
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the years at augusta. convicted of murder. saif abdul—majid was stabbed to death here at tanfield avenue in neasden in october 2017. the previous year, there had been eight knife attacks in this neighbourhood plenty more sport coming up in north west london. when researchers looked on bbc news throughout the day. you can catch up with all through crime records, they the day‘s sports news on sportsday at 6:30 when we‘ll have much more reaction noticed a similar pattern right across london. to tiger wood‘s masters victory. criminologists examined that‘s all the sport for now. over 3500 knife attacks in london in 2016/17. more from the bbc then they looked at where 97 fatal stabbings sport centre at 11:15. had taken place the following year. they found 67 of them were in the same neighbourhood where there had previously been at least one knife attack. sadly, thank you. really enjoyed these findings are important that. for deciding where police the headlines on bbc news... should concentrate patrols, plans to stop tenants and especially where they should being unfairly evicted by private landlords in england are being unveiled concentrate stop and search, because by the government. that‘s controversial, has some costs scotland yard detective says he‘s found a way of forecasting but they are well worth it if stop where deadly knife attacks are likely to take place. and search prevents murders. and teachers are warning that funding for children and young the home secretary has adults with special educational enabled police to carry out needs in england has reached a crisis point more stop and searches by relaxing some of the rules but sajid javid
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says the government must go further. he is calling for a shift in mindset campaigning has officially begun in spain, and wants to make better use of data ahead of a general election at the end of the month. to improve our understanding women‘s rights are set to be an important issue following anger and protests over male violence of the pathways into crime. against women, after a high profile rape case. but a new far right party called vox — which has been accused of waging joining me now is dr adam elliot cooper, an expert on youth culture war on women — is gaining ground. from king‘s college london. our reporter sofia bettiza has the story. another important day in the debate over the knife crisis. what do you wa nt to over the knife crisis. what do you want to hear the home secretary say when he makes this important speech? there is a feminist uprising in spain. for the past year, women have been there are two important things about protesting against gender—based violence. this research which savaged javid it all started with this — spain‘s most high—profile rape should respond to. it should be case in recent memory. in 2016, a teenage girl unsurprising that we see a accused five men of gang raping her during the running repetition of problems relating to of the bulls festival in pamplona. violent crime in specific areas of it happened right here. london or specific areas of england the five men, who call themselves and wales because they correlate the wolfpack, dragged the girl with areas receiving under into the hallway of this
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investment. despite the fact that building and filmed the attack on their phones. over previous years and previous decades we have seen stop and search but the judges, who saw being used as a primary approach to the videos, ruled that her behaviour was passive. address gun and knife crime, it has in april 2018, the wolfpack never had a considerable effect on reducing gun and knife crime at all. were found not guilty of rape. the last time we saw this between the verdict prompted a national 2009 and 2011 we saw similar types outcry and led to massive protests across spa i n. after the wolfpack case, of targeting across london using the feminist movement definitely exploded. stop and search with no significant decrease in knife crime at all. it was something that whilst you might have targeting i have never lived before. we have started to question right over which areas need the sentence, even the judges, and the legal system. investment, there are not the right as a result, the government promised to make changes policies. lets go to talk about your to the sexual assault laws. concerns with investment and the data that arises. what measures can but spain‘s powerful feminist movement is facing a backlash. be done? in london since 2011 almost a far right political party called vox is gaining ground. 50% of youth clubs in london have closed since 2011 stop we need more
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investment in youth services. if there are to be pathways to crime. are falsely accused. we need to look at the social vox are against abortion and want to abolish funding for feminist groups. they also want to get rid of a law services required to prevent people that protects women against gender—based violence because, they claim, it encourages feminist supremacy. from going into these kinds of problems. more investment in youth passing laws to treat men and women services, more investment in the ca re system services, more investment in the care system and mental health differently. what i'm saying is, provision and the kind of investment we need to identify the pathways. it is not thejob everybody should be afforded the we need to identify the pathways. it is not the job of the police, it is same legal rights, notjust certain thejob of is not the job of the police, it is the job of social services. led government has announced a cash injection of £100 million. will that be enough? there is not too much evidence that police stop and search address this problem stop what we women. really need is reinvestment of youth services, invigoration of mental health provision and joined a partnership between a range of
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different youth agencies to look at the underlying issues leading to these problems. addressing these problems all the way down the line, by the time the problems are already on the streets, will not address the with them, it‘s like a direct attack root of it. thank you. on women. the country is holding a and the home secretary sajid javid will be making a speech this general election and if he weeks and morning about how the government fox is expected to become the first is tackling and preventing serious violent crime. we‘ll bring you the latest. far right party to win seats in the spanish parliament. since the return to democracy a0 years ago. if that the headlines on bbc news... happens, it would profoundly transform spain ‘s political plans to stop tenants being unfairly evicted by private landlords in england are being unveiled by the government. landscape. a scotland yard detective says he‘s found a way of forecasting ahead of ukraine‘s where deadly knife attacks presidential election — the incumbent — petro poroshenko — has held a televised debate... are likely to take place. with himself. he staged a one—man debate after his rival, teachers are warning that funding the comedian volodymyr zelensky, failed to show up. for children and young despite having no political adults with special educational experience, zelensky is tipped needs in england has to become the country‘s next reached a crisis point president after finishing the first
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it is one of the most remarkable round comfortably in the lead. the channel island of sark wants comebacks ever in any sport. tiger to recruit a farmer to run a community dairy after being forced to import fresh milk woods wins his 15th masters in for more than a year. cars are banned on augusta. the gripping premier league the island, which has a population of around a00, and the successful applicant will have to bring their own cows. title race continues. this stunning john fernandez reports. in sark, things are done a little strike by mohamed sala keeps liverpool top. israel folau has been differently there‘s no cars, just tractors, bikes, and horse and carts. no red postboxes, just a gold one. and no dairy cows. sacked by rugby australia after a and that‘s a problem. social media post last week saying that hell awaits gay people. more on it breaks my heart, at the moment, to have to buy milk from guernsey. not that guernsey milk is bad, but it‘s a guernsey product. and a very good guernsey product. i would far rather be selling their stories coming up in the next sark milk, sark butter, sark cream. half an hour. i know you have plenty the island, which is home to around a00 people, on tiger woods for us. hasn‘t had a commercial dairy since around 18 months ago when this facility here closed down. now that happened because the farmer more now on that story in charge, chris nightingale, about the comeback who doubles up as one of golfer tiger woods. of the island‘s politicians, after a significant fall from grace, decided to retire. a series of surgeries and 22 years and that left the island on from his 1st win
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at the masters, he was back. with no commercial dairy. last night‘s victory at augusta earned him a 5th green jacket and 15th major. andy swiss has the story. cheering and applause. that left caragh couldridge, the island‘s resident chocolatier with a problem. no sark dairy meant no sark cream just a few years ago they were and that means no sark chocolates. writing him off now he has written oh, sark cream is like liquid gold. one of sport‘s most astonishing it‘s cream that doesn‘t pour. and we have such chapters. he had not won a major a great island here. title for more than a decade but there‘s no pollution, grazing is perfect, and the cream is so rich, it was the whole ruled by the —— roared on by the inspiration for our chocolates. you just can‘t get anything like it anywhere else. crowd, he turned back the years. so the island dairy closing down last year has been a big blow to us. so she, alongside a small group, ruled by the —— roared on by the crowd, he turned back the yearslj cannot stand this. from their march decided to do something about it. to glory and a tap in for triumph the idea is to put the buildings in this corner, along these two sides, probably either an l—shaped stop at what moment this is! building or two buildings. richard has been working behind suddenly the personal problems and the scenes to make the idea injuries seemed a distant memory. of a sark community dairy a reality. all they need now is a farmer. the emotion was clear. it is unreal for me to experience this. my mother
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was there, she was there in 97 as they need to have experience in dairy and preferably, well. i could not be more happy and i mean, handling dairy cows, producing milk, processing milk, excited. i am at a loss for words. and, ideally, in making cheese. his journey has been like no other. the accommodation will be provided after dominating golf in his 20s, in no less than the queen‘s his personal and professional life own representative on sark‘s unravelled, a debilitating back own digs, the seigneur. injury and even a charge for you just need to bring your own cows and lots of ideas, as even reckless driving, now he has a fifth the fields are being green jacket and one of sport‘s given by the community. the team behind this project hope that the potential of this scheme will bring the right person to sark. greatest moments. this course has seen some extraordinary feats over and they believe with sites like this on your doorstep every day the years but none like theirs. and night it will hopefully be a budding farming their win for so long seemed family‘s dream job. unthinkable but for tiger woods it has become a glorious reality. —— our correspondentjohn the win. fernandez is there on sark right now for us tsb says it‘s the first bank joan, are you tempted? if i had some to offer refunds to any customers who are the innocent victims of fraud. the bank has promised to reimburse people even if they inadvertently dairy experience, i probably should
9:22 am
transferred money to put ina a criminal. dairy experience, i probably should put in a cv but look behind me. the our business correspondent commute behind me, i have seen people going by on their bikes, the dominic o‘connell is here. sound of birdsong around me, a everyone knows that banks will repay you if it is a straightforward fraud beautiful place to live and work. sark cream as you heard, one of a must hacking into your bank account or stealing your details. tsb has kind because there is no pollution, you don‘t have the car is pumping said it will refund even if you have out all of the noxious fumes that said it will refund even if you have said yes for a fraud. it is called a affect the grass and that means it‘s push fraud, you are pushing the affect the grass and that means it‘s a really special project. if you are money out. it is unusual. banks will interested , a really special project. if you are interested, get in touch with the not normally do this if you have team, if you have farming experience, they want to hear from you. a full-time job. are there any applications so far? well, do you willingly taken part. tsb has said it well. lots of people are doing this, unwittingly transferring money out of their accounts. the bank know, i am going to head down to fraud accounts to £1.2 billion a four rigid lives, just round the corner at the highest point next to year according to the banks. of the old mill to see if they‘ve been flooding in already this morning. we that, push fraud is about £350 have a video on the bbc news website million a year. it is growing about it but he doesn‘t want to hear from just everybody, everywhere. quickly and that is why tsb has done about it but he doesn‘t want to hear fromjust everybody, everywhere. it needs to be if you have farming this. they had done it out of the
9:23 am
experience, you need ideas, goodness of their hearts? you could enthusiasm, willing to work some very, very tough hours and you also be cynical. tsb had the big internet need to be bringing over currency cows, not just any cows, outage. maybe it is a bit of a pr need to be bringing over currency cows, notjust any cows, but currency cows. is there a downside apart from the hard work? the boat ploy to get them back onto the front pages and in an attempt to keep trip over it can be challenging if you have a feeble stomach like mine. —— guernsey cows. it is a small customers and get new customers. the community which can be imposing. a financial conduct authority is looking at this, pushing banks to do community which can be imposing. a more. the people at tsb say they community of a00 people that look think all banks to do this because fraud is so sophisticated, it is difficult for people to be after each other. you will be the absolutely sure they are not being centrepiece of the community, it duped. in a way, obviously getting will be a tourist attraction, you will be a tourist attraction, you will have a chance to run your own business as you want and create other banks to do it is one thing artisan produce that could be sold but it is a bit hoarse after the across the world, jersey milk even gets exported to china. why not sta ble but it is a bit hoarse after the stable door bolted, isn‘t it? circuit milk? it‘s difficult to see but it is a bit hoarse after the stable door bolted, isn't it?|j the downside. when you look on a day but it is a bit hoarse after the stable door bolted, isn't it? i am like today, i cannot see them. just not sure the regulator will go as far as tsb has done and insist for viewers who are potential applicants. who had dairy people refund all frauds where people refund all frauds where people are doing things that are experience, might be thinking. one
9:24 am
last question on the potential being defrauded that they are downside, what is the average age of willingly in a sense participating residents on the island? well, as inafraud. willingly in a sense participating in a fraud. i did ask tsb, aren‘t you creating a fraudsters charter? with most people in places in the channel islands there is an older demographic so it‘s kind of the 50 they say there are nine systems are plus make up the larger part of the good enough to detect people taking people who live in sark but of aware of their offer. we will have to see if that is the case. -- they course, there‘s quite a few young say that online systems families moving over here, a school on the island that teaches ages up to secondary education, that‘s a a teaching union is claiming that conversation going on with the funding for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities in england has failed to keep up with significant demand. government at the moment so if you the national education union says the gaps are causing "untold misery" for thousands of families, but the government says the budget is going up this year. frankie mccamley reports. have a young family you could move teaching children with special educational needs is expensive. over but i have been warned, if you class sizes are small. are coming over with dependents, currently, this school this doesn‘t have a huge income in gloucestershire has 35 places straight away but it is what you for special needs pupils. but, in four years, in order make of it. very briefly, are there to balance the books, other small businesses on the island that a young farmer could kind of that‘s got to go down to 22. it‘s heartbreaking. feel they were hooking in with a this is a school where inclusion community of entrepreneurs? is absolutely at the hub absolutely, sark has a burgeoning of its ethos. sector, financial businesses here but as you saw, chocolate
9:25 am
but, under the current funding businesses, hotels, b&bs all over system that we have for special educational needs, a school this size cannot afford to educate the number of children with special the island, adventure sark, if that educational needs as it‘s currently is your fix, you being asked to do. the island, adventure sark, if that is yourfix, you can do a bit of that on the side. all kinds of different things popping up over and this school is not alone. here if you are a young person moving over. there are business you could work alongside, and analysis by the country‘s largest agricultural beef sector, i know the teachers union found funding for special needs places in england farmer there is quite young and some is failing to keep up with demand. of the castle graze on the berkeley it found the number of children being granted special needs care plans has ridden by 33% since 2015, family feels, that is a really interesting industry is starting up. while funding has only increased by 6% over the same period. you have totally sold it, go work on your cv and we will hope more applicants come in. john, take care. that, the union said, translates into funding shortfalls from one beautiful place to another, for 93% of local look at this. this is the cliff diving world series in the philippines. authorities across england. 2a athletes have been leaping from the tops of cliffs and twisting and turning down to the emerald sea. we have pa rents the stunning scenery surrounding we have parents taking local them is palawan island. authorities to court and it is not the divers come from the uk, the fault of the local authorities. australia, romania and canada, among other countries. they do not have the money to fund
9:26 am
special needs support in the way they need to. part of the reason i‘m not sure if that‘s easier or harder than forming on sark. there is so much pressure on schools now it‘s time for a and council budgets is demand is look at the weather. going up and additional needs here is susan. carrie, good morning. provisions have been extended to include 19 to 25—year—olds. the government says it has invested we should see some decent sunshine another £100 million to create special needs places, calling it a in the coming hours. the best of the priority, but costs are still rising, leaving sam at breaking point. the ministry of defence has declined sunshine first thing in the east, to comment on reports that shamima begum, who left the uk to join the islamic state group, has now be awarded legal aid. begum, who is 19, wants to return to the uk but the government has revoked her british citizenship. one of the world‘s most clear skies over night. but it has endangered species of whale is experiencing a baby boom in america. three north atlantic right whale calves were spotted off the coast of massachusetts, and seven have also been spotted near florida.
9:27 am
scientists did not see any newborns in 2018. it‘s thought there are only a50 of the species left. been a chilly start. the week ahead they‘ve been endangered since 1970. in a moment, the weather. but first let‘s join victoria derbyshire to find out what she‘s got coming up in her programme at ten: good morning. a teenager putting a school isolation beads 2a5 times is calling for them to be banned. in a going to bring more cloud i think letter written exclusively to our programme, the autistic girl said around at times but still a lot of she tried to take her own life while fine weather and some warmer conditions as well. here we are in one. i decided i would rather die today. the clear skies in the east, because we are close to the centre than be in isolation because of the of high pressure across scandinavia, cloudy skies in the west, low pressure dry to get in on the act mood left me in. i felt alone and but very little success. what‘s happening in the coming days, the trapped at school. i felt it would high pressure staying with us but it moves, you can see what happens, we let go of the cold arctic air we be biased because no one seemed to ca re be biased because no one seemed to have locked in place and plumb care anyway. today with a speak to ourselves into something milderfrom the mediterranean in time for easter. here we are today. still the mother of the girl who speaks quite chilly across eastern areas, the sun with strength, starting to out for the very first time. warm things up nicely in the next
9:28 am
few hours. towards the west, always up few hours. towards the west, always up against the cloud, rain for northern ireland, for the west of wales in the south—west of england. chilly again down north sea coast, the breeze from the north sea, cloud, sharp showers possible for the north—east of scotland. this now it‘s time for a evening, if you are going out, train look at the weather. for northern ireland and wales for the time, by the end of the night, more cloud around in general, on high pressure is set to dominate the tuesday, a lot of fine weather and weather until easter. warmer weather some warmer conditions as well. here we are today. the clear skies in the by the time we get to easter east, because we are close to the centre of high pressure across scandinavia, cloudy skies in the weekend. there will be cloud around west, low pressure dry to get in on the act but very little success. as this blow comes into play, what‘s happening in the coming days, the high pressure staying with us leading rein into the south—west. by but it means, you can see what happens, we let go of the cold arctic air we have locked in place the time we get further on into the and plumb ourselves into something milderfrom the and plumb ourselves into something milder from the mediterranean and plumb ourselves into something milderfrom the mediterranean in time for easter. here we are today. still quite chilly across eastern week ahead, we start to shift the areas, the sun with strength, starting to warm things up nicely in high end pulling warmer airfrom the next few hours. towards the west, always up against the cloud, further south, from the rainfor west, always up against the cloud, rain for northern ireland, for the rest of wales and the e south—west of england. chilly again down north mediterranean. it will feel almost sea coast, the breeze from the north summary with highs in the low 20s sea, cloud, sharp showers possible for the north—east of scotland. this evening, if you stop there is thicker cloud in the west. rain in northern ireland pembrokeshire and cornwall. cloudy skies on the north sea coasts.
9:29 am
sunshine for many and in the best of the brightness, highs of 13 to 1a degrees.
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